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About Us


About is a constantly growing library of royalty free loops and samples for musicians, DJ's and music producers. Each sound that we offer has been exclusively created by our a team of musicians and producers using state of the art technology.
Since our launch has gone from strength to strength. We started out with only a small selection of samples and offered those on a membership basis. Over the years our our library of sounds has grow to a truly immense size.
With that in mind we decided to offer our products in a more specific way as apposed to offering a membership based product that some users might not have time to make the most of. By offering individual download packs ofsounds categorized by instrument we believe that customers will be more likely to get exactly what they want.
Why Buy From Us? 
Aside from the quality and choice of loop packs that we offer its worth pointing out that all of the download packs that we sell are 100% royalty free. This means that if you were to purchase any of our download packs and then use those loops in your own songs you would then be able to sell your songs for profit and never have to pay us another penny.
You could release an album of songs using the loops and samples you purchased from us with no limit on the amount of albums you wanted to duplicate or sell.
We work hard so that you don't have to
Over the years have worked hard to record, edit, produce and catalog a vast library of loops and samples so that musicians and producers can quickly access the type of sounds they need quickly therefore spending more time concentrating on creating music and songs.
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